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Salary Project

With salary cards it is possible to make cashless payments via internet, withdraw cash via POS-terminals or ATM in Azerbaijan and any point of the world.  

Salaries are automatically transferred through one operation. Operation mentioned could also be conducted through Internet Banking.

Card holders cash money from Bank’s ATMs

Customers joining the salary project have an opportunity to get loans on favorable terms and overdrafts.


Overdraft Loan




Overdraft contract is signed for max. 12 months on terms of not exceeding salary card’s period.


As same as the salary account’s currency

Annual interest rate


 Payment type

An amount used for overdraft and its interests will be caught from salary in the next salary payment. Only remained part of salary will be paid to customer.


Commission for authorisation: 0%

Commission for cashing: 0%

 Overdraft amount

Up to max. 50% of salary amount

(net salary after taxes and compulsory social insurance)