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3D Secure

Bank BTB offers “3D Secure” – safe payment service for its card holders.


What is “3D Secure” technology?

“3D Secure” technology is an advanced security layer for online debit and credit card transactions. The technology provides the security of the card and the cardholder on online regime. It means that if the card information is lost, no one can make operations but its owner.

How to get “3D Secure” password?

  1. To get one-time password, please select “SERVICES” on ATM Menu.
  2. Select “IB and 3D Secure passwords list”.
  3. ATM will print the list of passwords.
  4. Then click the following link for registration: https://acs.3dsecure.az/way4acs/enroll
  5. Select “One-time passwords list”.
  6. Please enter the expiration date of the card, CVC2 and one-time password.
  7. Enter the user name, password, helping word and any text. The password should be at least 8 signs with letters, numbers and special signs.