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 Operations for individuals


1.1.Individuals (ID)

 Free of charge

1.2.  Opening and activating accounts

Free of charge


2.1.  Account statement (covering the period up to 3 months)


2.2.  Account statement (when it covers a period of more than 3 months)

2.3. Reference

10 AZN


20 AZN


National currency

Foreign currency

3.1.  Cash withdrawals (received on non-cash funds)

min.1%  (min.1 c.u)


Note 1:  Commission will be applied in case of cash withdrawals from savings account. The commission will be in amount of 1% of cashless amount deposited to savings or increased afterwards.


3.2.  Cash withdrawals (received on cash funds)

 Free of charge

Note 2: An amount deposited to account via payment terminals (MilliÖn, eManat, ExpressPay, Easypay) is considered as cash.

Note 3: An amount deposited via online cash account from other service points is considered as cash.

3.3. Payment terminals (Paşa Pay - MilliÖn, eManat, M Pay, Katech MMC- Keşpay ) accaunt income 


3.4. Payment terminals (Expressü Pay) accaunt income 






National currency

Foreign currency

4.1. Internal transfers (Acct.to Acct.)

 Free of charge


Note 2: Commission will be applied in case of transferring money from customer’s online cash account from “Ganja” branch to current account (not aligned with card) in other service point. If transferred amount is not intended for paying loans or increasing deposit, then  commission will be in amount of 0,1% of transferred money (minimum AZN 1 for each transfer).

4.2.  Local AZN transfers

0,10% (min.1 AZN - maks. 150 AZN)


4.3. External transfers in USD/EUR/GBP


0,30% (min. 25 USD/EUR/GBP  - maks. 300 USD/EUR/GBP  )

4.4. External transfers in RUB


0.15%(min.1000 RUB-maks.10000 RUB)


4.5. External transfers in other currencies


0,30% (minimum and maximum levels are determined on agreement)

4.6. Ammendment   in/ Cancellation of / Change in payment terms  

10 AZN

100 USD

4.7.  Payment investigation


100 USD

4.8.  Non-cash foreign exchange comission

min 0.5% (min 1)

* Note: To account for transfer inforeign currency commision  at the time of cash receipt.

Under agreement  with the Treasury Department

5. Commission on cash paid to customers in case of insurance claims

min.0,5% (min. 1)


6. “SMS Notification” service for current accounts not linked to payment cards.

 5 AZN month

7. E-mail service for current accounts not linked to payment cards.

Free of charge

8.  On transactions approved by notary deposit of funds into the notary's deposit account due to being done

min. 0.2% (min.1)