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Additional services

Internet banking

Using “Internet banking” customer may do following payments or other operations 7/24 by controlling his/her current and card accounts:

  • checking account balance;
  • transfer to card accounts;
  • payments on accounts;
  • foreign currency transfers;
  • statements on fulfilled operations;
  • preparing requests on future payments;
  • payments to budget;
  • payments on contracts with companies;
  • salary and other payments;
  • blocking card.

This operations are also possible with “ASAN Imza” through “Internet banking”.

To use the service customer should sign a contract with bank. Getting password and code customer may use the service through “İnternet banking” section on Bank’s web page ( or  clicking


Mobile banking

By “Mobile banking” customer may do following operations 7/24 on card:

  • checking card account;
  • statement on card account;
  • utility payments;
  • cell-phone payments;
  • internet payments;
  • TV providers payments (Connect TV, KATV, Ailə TV, ATV+ TV);
  • Card-to-Card;
  • Cash-by-Code;
  • blocking card.

How to activate “Mobile banking”?

  • Select “Services” button on ATM.
  • From “Services” select “Mobile banking registration”.
  • ATM will issue a receipt serial number and components on it.  
  • Enter serial number and components to mobile app uploaded to phone.
  • Then set up personal PIN-code needed every time while entering the app. 



Using “Cash-by-Code” you may send or receive funds in short and at any time, not only through ATMs connected to “AzeriCard”, but also through “Mobile Banking”.

The sender of money should have a card though the receiver is not requested. To receive money from an ATM two-part code is used. In order to provide safety, the first part of the code is printed on the transaction receipt for sender, while the second part is sent to receiver via text message. The receiver has to enter two part-code to ATM  for receiving money.

To send money through “Mobile banking” one has to generate code, then enter that code to ATM and receive money.

Commissions for “Cash-by-Code”


AZN card

USD card

EUR card

Cash-by-Code (Bank “BTB” ATMs)

1,5% (min. 0,50)

1,5% (min. 0,50)

1,5% (min. 0,50)

Cash-by-Code (Other ATM’s connected to “AzeriCard”.

2% (min. 2)

2% (min. 2)

2% (min. 2)



By “Card-to-Card” service you can transfer money from one card to another or receive it at any time of the day. Commission for the service makes up 0,5% (min. AZN 1) of transferred amount.

“Card-to-Card” could only be used through “AzeriCard” system.


“SMS Notification”

By “SMS Notification” service you can get immediately sms on transactions and account balance. It is useful both for controlling the account and being informed if the card is used by others but you. Monthly commission for the service is AZN 1,30.


“PIN Change”

Using “PIN Change” service cardholders may change the identification number (PIN-code) to make it easier to remember. The cardholder may reset PIN-code via ATM or at bank. Commission for the service is AZN 3.

In case of losing or completely forgetting PIN-code, you can go to any service point of the bank and get new PIN-code.


"The World of VISA Privileges"

We offer updated “Privileges program” for VISA premium cardholders. Special privileges are offered you - at best shops and restaurants, hotels and gyms, airlines and golf clubs.

Take an advantage of privileges all over the world.

For more info, click the following link:

Daily cash limit





Visa Classic / Mastercard Standard / Mastercard Debit 2000 2000 2000
Visa Gold  2500 2500 2500
Visa Platinum  2500 2500 2500
Visa Infinite 10 000 10 000 10 000
Visa Business (Boss Card) 2000 2000 2000

The daily cash limit can be increased based on the client's application.             Online application: