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"Золотая Корона - Money Transfers" - a system of urgent money transfers without opening an account, which has about 20,000 service points in the 70 countries of the world.

Advantages of the "Золотая Корона - Money Transfers"

  • Wide service network –  more than 20,000 points in 70+ countries of the world. Participants and partners are banks, large trading networks, postal operators. You can find the nearest service points on the "Golden Crown" website or in the Korona mobile application (6+, available for download in AppStore and Google Play).​​- transfer can be obtained within a few minutes after it has been sent.
  • Speed– money transfer can be received in a few minutes after sending.
  •  Monitoring - SMS-notification of transfer status is sent to the mobile number of the sender. Ability to check the status of the transfer mode on-line on the website of the "Золотая Корона - Money Transfers" 24/7.
  • Tariff 0- The 0% offer is valid subject to currency conversion at the rate of РНО «Патежный центр» (ООО) at the time of sending the transfer (the currency of receipt must differ from the currency of sending).


Money send
Destination Client payment
Any transfers by conversion 0%

up to 300 AZN (inclusive) - 1 AZN

over 300 AZN - 1%, but no more than 15 AZN

Republic of Türkiye 1.5%
Rusia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia 0.9%
Moldova 1%
Vietnam, İsrael, Rumania, Cyprus, Serbia 1%
Korean Republic 10$

500$ - tariff 5$

over 500$ - tariff 1%


in USD payments-10$

in AZN payments-0%

To the cards of CIS countries 1%, including payments with conversion fee
Far West


0% with conversion


Payments within tthe territory of Azerbaijan
Payments within tthe territory of Azerbaijan Client payment Sender bank's comission Receiver bank's comission
Payments  300 AZN  1 AZN 0.40 gapik 0.40 gapik
Payments over than 300 AZN-dən y 0.3%, no more than 15 AZN 0.13%, no more than 7 AZN 0.13%, no more than 7 AZN

To receive money, you need to:

  • - Have an identity document.
  • - Inform the operator of the bank transfer number.
  • - Inform the amount of the transfer.

Further information on "Золотая Корона - Money Transfers" - the site https://koronapay.com/ or call +7 (495) 96-00-555 twenty four (24) hour per a day for technical support (Calls are charged according to the tariffs of your operator).