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"Золотая Корона - Money Transfers" - a system of urgent money transfers without opening an account, which has about 40,000 service points in the territory of Russia, CIS countries and Georgia.


Advantages of the "Золотая Корона - Money Transfers"

  • - Speed ​​- transfer can be obtained within a few minutes after it has been sent.
  • - Benefit – commission fee is one of the lowest within CIS countries and available in three currencies (AZN,USD,EURO)


Commission for transfering

Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan


Other directions

1000 RUR/20 USD/20 EUR

1000 RUR/40 USD/30 EUR




  • - Convenience – it is enough to specify the country and city name where to send money. Recipient himself can choose the most convenient service point.
  • - Monitoring - SMS-notification of transfer status is sent to the mobile number of the sender. Ability to check the status of the transfer mode on-line on the website of the "Золотая Корона - Money Transfers".
  • - Independence - the ability to send money through self-service banks, as well as make payments of points merchants every day, including weekends and holidays.

To receive money, you need to:

  • - Be in possession of an identity document.
  • - Inform the operator of the bank transfer number.
  • - Inform the amount of the transfer.


Notes: The maximum amount of one transfer is 50 000 rubles,  800 U.S. dollars,  700 euros.
Further information on "Золотая Корона - Money Transfers" - the site www.perevod-korona.com or call 8-800-200-70-75 twenty four (24) hour per a day for technical support (call is free in Russia, including mobile phones).