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Criteria Terms
Initial amount 100 AZN / USD
Term 6 - 24 months
Payment of interest  Monthly or At Maturity
Increasing the amount Not available
Decreasing the amount Not available
Prolongation The period of deposit is prolonged according to the relevant deposit product tariffs that is valid on extension time
Loan 90% of amount (allotted as loan or line of credit)
Annual interest rate of loan Annual interest rate of deposit + 3%
Annual interest rate of line of credit Annual interest rate of deposit + 5%
If credit currency different than deposit currency

Annual interest rate of credit: Annual interest rate of deposit / 0.8 + 20%

Annual interest rate of credit card: Annual interest rate of deposit / 0.8 + 20%

No Grace Period

Commission of loan

Cash commission: 0%

Note: Commissions for the loans given in the form of credit card are charged according to the conditions of that product.


Interest rate by deposit term

Term (Month) AZN USD
  Monthly   At maturity   Monthly   At maturity
6 - 8    3.00%   4.00%   1.25%   1.50%
9 - 11    4.50%   5.50%   1.75%   1.75%
12 -24   9.75%   10.25%   2.50%   2.50%


Interest payment on foreclosure

Term Annual interest rate (AZN) Annual interest rate (USD)
0 – 180 days 0.00% 0.00%
181 – 270 days 2.00% 0.50%
271 - 360 days 3.00% 0.75%
361 – 720 days 4.00% 1.00%

Note: Bank BTB is a member of the Deposit Insurance Fund, established according to the state law "On Deposite Insurance". All deposits at Bank BTB are insured based on conditions and regulations of the Fund. If the interest rate is more than interest rate of the insured deposits, it is possible to define the interest rate according to the insured deposit rates that is valid at the same time.

«Term» deposit

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