Micro loans - Bank BTB
Internet Banking Credit Calculator
Criteria Terms
Client Private entrepreneurs and legal entities
Client's current place of work All administrative regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Current experience 12 months minimum
Relevant documents 1. Identification Document
2. Certificate or information confirming income and documents confirming client's place of residence
Term 1-48 months
Loan currency AZN / USD
Form of payment Annuity

Commission fee:
1-18 months 1%

19-48 months 1.5%
Cash out commission: 0%

Annual interest rate

AZN: 18-26%
USD: 12-16%

*Annual interest rate of loan can be defined different than current rate according to the credit committee decision

Amound of credit 500 AZN - 50,000 AZN e.k.v
Guarantee Certificate of income (client), vehicles, real estate, gold products, products in circulation, etc.

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